Wayne Woolrich

Carina Burgess
Group Manager Corporate Services

Peter Satterthwaite
Group Manager Health Services and Innovation

Lilian Ward
Maori Health Manager

Karen Bousfield
Nurse Director, Primary Care

Heather Johnson
Executive Assistant

Deb Higgins
Clinical Support and Performance Lead

Adrian Rasmussen
Information Systems Lead

Trish Freer
Programme Delivery Lead

Tammy O'Neill
Finance Lead

Andre Le Geyt
Project Management Lead

Michele McCarthy
Planning, Quality and Compliance Lead

Sheldon Reddie
Commercial Lead
Primary Care and Innovation Lead

Alana Kohi
Programme Coordinator

Angeline Tangiora
Research Nurse

Charmaine Robinson
Shared Services Support

Deb Fothergill
General Practice Development

Fiona Gray
Programme Coordinator

Kay Noel
Shared Services Support

Lizzy Mackenzie
General Practice Development

Louise Pattison
Project Support

Lynda Corner
General Practice Systems Developer and Support

Sonya Harwood
Clinical Programme Coordinator

Rebecca Tegg
Programme Coordinator

Rochelle Robertson
Workforce Development

Steph Maggin
Office Support

Stuart Greville
Business Intelligence Architect

Shona Fraser
Finance Support

Terrie Spedding
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Wi Ormsby
Programme Delivery

Ina Graham
Programme Delivery

Zoe Gordon
Junior Business Analyst

KJ Patel
Medical Advisor (Quality)

Kerry Lum
Medical Advisor (Work Force)
David Rodgers
Medical Advisor (Projects)