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Service Codes

  • The Halcyon COVID-19 form is available via PMS forms – look for Halcyon Portal.
  • The following service codes must be installed to generate invoices in the PMS:
Code Assessment Type
COVIDS Simple Assessment
COVIDF Full Assessment
COVIDV Virtual Assessment
COVIDC Car or Dedicated Room

Halcyon COVID-19 Assessment form

  • Go to the patient and open the Halcyon Portal
  • Click the link next to the COVID-19 form name* – New Assessment/Notification

  • Select the appropriate provider on the Provider tab if your name has not pre-populated

  • Complete the Clinical Assessment and Identification Details The content of these tabs can change from time to time, as swabbing guidelines and criteria change.
  • Navigate through the form by clicking on the tabs or using the Back/Next buttons.

  • Some details will be pulled from the PMS, please check with the patient that the details are correct.
  • Click Submit Claim when the form has been completed.

Important Notes

  • *To part fill a form and return to it later, click Park Form. When returning to view the patient, the form link will say Finish an assessment.
  • Only submit the form when complete; submitted claims can’t be edited.
  • Submitting the form will save a summary to the patient inbox


At the top of the page – click Reports to view the status of claims or a list of parked forms.

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