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Cannulation / Venepuncture 2021 workshops

HBDHB Resuscitation Training for 2021

This is for your information only to let you know what’s happening next year for resuscitation training in the DHB next year. All the courses listed below are open to external bookings. To book on any of the courses outlined below contact the Education Centre on 06 8788109, ext 2708 or email:

We are pleased to have completed the resuscitation training schedule for 2021. Please find attached the Hawkes Bay DHB resuscitation education model flow diagram, which lists the resuscitation courses available, a broad overview of suitability to professions and how to book these.

All course descriptors have been attached for your convenience.

We recommend that you book staff from your areas in advance throughout the year to ensure all staff are able to complete this training. The training schedule is set for the year.  Due to high demand for education space we would be unlikely to provide any extra courses, therefore early planning and booking of all courses is highly recommended to ensure staff meet their resuscitation education requirements.

NZ CORE Advanced and Immediate course spaces are in high demand. Please book early to ensure you are able to receive this training. NZRC CORE Advanced and NZRC CORE Immediate are endorsed by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Please contact Amy and Sharlene if you have any further questions.

Please print and display the Resuscitation Education flow diagram in your clinical areas.