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CPO – Acute Care, Gynae, Residential Care, Contraception

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The CPO programme for Acute Care, Gynae, Residential Care, and Contraception pathways has two forms:

  • Referral
  • Claim / outcome

CPO Hospital Discharge has it’s own form as it doesn’t require a referral. Click here to see more about CPO Hospital Discharge.


Create a new referral and choose the pathway.

A link to the claim form for each pathway will appear on the Current Programmes tab.


The claim form has been streamlined

  • A link to the claim form for the open pathway will show on the Current Programmes tab when a referral is open
  • If there are multiple pathways open, there will be a link for each pathway (see image below)
  • The CPO number is prepopulated when you choose the pathway to make a claim for (see image below)
  • Complete a new claim form for each item or service provided
  • A claim can’t be made without an open referral
CPO with links to claims for multiple open referrals and pathways


A summary of the referral and claim information is shown on the Current Programmes page.

  • Choose an outcome option on the claim/outcome form
  • A final diagnosis box will appear
  • Choose the outcome diagnosis (this will prepopulate if there is only one possible final diagnosis)
  • Add clinical notes and update the management section.
CPO referral that has an outcome – it appears as ‘Closed Off’
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