About Us

About Health Hawke’s Bay

Health Hawke’s Bay – Te Oranga Hawke’s Bay is the region’s single Primary Health Organisation (PHO), covering a population of approximately 163,000. We aim to improve health outcomes and life expectancy across Hawke’s Bay, particularly for Māori and other under-served groups.

The Health Hawke’s Bay Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are passionate about health and Hawke’s Bay and are supported by a dedicated team of professionals in a wide range of roles.

Health Hawke’s Bay believes that timely access to high-quality health care is fundamental to improving the health of our community.

What is a Primary Health Organisation?

A PHO provides primary health services either directly or indirectly through general practice and other health and social care providers. These services are designed to improve and maintain the health of the enrolled PHO population, and eliminate inequities in health outcomes that exist for Māori, Pasifika and high needs populations.

Health Hawke’s Bay receives funding from the Government to subsidise a range of health services. The amount of funding received is based on the numbers and the characteristics (e.g. age, sex, and ethnicity) of their enrolled population.

The funding pays for services to:

  • provide care and treatment when people are ill
  • help people to stay healthy
  • connect with groups in the community who have poor health or who are missing out on primary health care

Enrolment in a PHO

Enrolment in a PHO is voluntary. Most New Zealanders are enrolled through their general practice and gain the benefits associated with belonging to a PHO, which can include cheaper doctors’ visits and reduced costs of prescription medicines.