Clinical Triage

What is Clinical Triage?

Clinical triage is a way of handling requests for same-day appointments.


  • When a patient calls a practice they get through the first time
  • Patients get help over the phone from their doctor so they don’t always need to come into the practice
  • Patients get booked into an appointment on the day if they need one
  • Patients receive the right care at the right place and at the right time

Outcomes for the patient:

  • Provide alternative face-to-face consults
  • Free-up doctor time for patients that NEED to see a doctor
  • Ensure patients are seeing the right person
  • Manage workflow more efficiently
  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the practice
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase capacity for routine, preventative and proactive care for those with complex needs

What are the benefits of Clinical Triage?

  • We value the patient’s time
  • We provide other options for access to care
  • We are enabling patient choice
  • We will improve business efficiency
  • We will increase the capacity to cope with acute demand

We will free up time for proactive and planned care

Click here to download Health Care Home clinical triage resource pack

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