Coordinated Primary Options (CPO)

Coordinated Primary Options (CPO) is the delivery of services by recognised health professionals within primary care or community care settings.

These services would otherwise have been delivered by a secondary hospital-based service including outpatient services, ED services, and in-patient services.

Current CPO Programmes

  • Acute Care
    • Cellulitis (Adult), Lower Limb DVT Suspected and Management, Tonsillitis, Pyelonephritis, Dehydration (Adult), Eczema (Child)
  • Hospital Discharge
  • High-Cost Gynaecological and Contraception
    • Vasectomy
    • Ring Pessary
  • Skin Cancer Pathway
  • Sexual Health – Youth
  • LARC Pathway for Mirena/Jaydess
  • Restore in ARRC – Short and Intermediate Stay in Age-Related Residential Care (ARRC)

For more information regarding CPO, contact:

Health Hawke’s Bay 06 871 5646