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Installing GASP in Medtech32 and Evolution

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This installation does not overwrite the existing installation – at the completion of the installation the practice will be able to access both the old and new Gasp form (until such time as the old form is inactivated).

Step 1 – Download the installation file

Go to https://tools.comprehensivecare.co.nz/gasp-instructions-hhb and click download for either Evolution or Medtech32

Step 2 – Install the new Advanced Form


Setup -> Advanced Forms -> Advanced Forms Manager Advanced Form -> Import Disk


File -> Options Advanced Forms -> Advanced Form Manager Actions -> Import Form

Step 3 – Testing

You should logoff and logon again before doing these tests. Find a few patients that have an NHI, age, and ethnicity and verify that the content of the form looks reasonable and that there are no errors.

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