Priority Population Advisory Committee

Priority Population Advisory Committee

To improve health outcomes for Māori, Pacific, and under-served communities through the development of innovative strategies and health services in order to address known health disparities.

To provide a robust advisory process for the selection, monitoring, and evaluation of proposals plans and programs for Service to Improve Access (SIA).
To provide other input, advice or recommendation on Health Hawke’s Bay strategy and planning in relation to services for Māori, Pacific and under-served communities where this advice relates to health disparities.
To advise the Health Hawke’s Bay Board and management in decision making and identifying priorities where funding is limited.

Priority Population Groups
Māori, Pacific, and low socioeconomic (NZDep Index 9-10) people, families, and communities.
People, families, and communities experiencing health disparities.


  • Bayden Barber, Health Hawke’s Bay Director
  • Dr. Kiri Bird, Health Hawke’s Bay Director
  • Chrissie Hape, Health Hawke’s Bay Director
  • Donna O’Sullivan, Carlyle Medical Centre
  • Talalelei Taufale, Hawke’s Bay District Health Board
  • Melissa White, Ministry of Social Development
  • Beverly Te Huia, Choices
  • Charmaine Tuhaka, Tamatea Medical
  • Trish Giddens, Central Hawke’s Bay