National Targets

Health Targets

Health targets are a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services.

The targets reflect significant public and government priorities and provide a focus for action.

8 Month Immunisation – 95% of infants aged eight months will have completed their primary course of immunisation.

Better Help for Smokers to quit – 90% of enrolled patients who smoke have been offered help to quit smoking by a health care practitioner in the last 15 months.

Raising Healthy Kids – 95% of children identified as obese at their B4 School Check offered a referral to a health care professional for clinical assessment and whānau-based nutrition activity and life style interventions achieved.

System Level Measures

Keeping children out of hospital – Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisation (ASH) rate

Using health resources effectively – Acute hospital bed days per capita

Person-centered care – Patient experience of care

Early detection and intervention – Amenable mortality rates

Youth are Healthy, Safe and Supported – Youth access to and utilisation of youth-appropriate health services

Healthy Start – Babies living in smoke-free homes