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COVID-19 Pharmacy form

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Halcyon is a claiming system used by Health Hawke’s Bay for fee-for-service funding. For pharmacies Halcyon is accessed through a web browser – Chrome is recommended.

  1. Go to https://hhbportal.karo.nz/
  2. Login to Halcyon – contact your pharmacy lead for the details. This is an organisation login, only the pharmacy lead should change the password.
  3. Search for the patient by NHI (you can skip this step to view the form)
  4. The forms are listed and there will only be one form in the list for pharmacies at this stage
  5. Click on Virtual Medicines Management Advice and Support to start a new claim
  6. Complete the form
    1. Patient tab: NES data will populate the demographics here
    2. Provider tab: Choose the provider of the service from the provider list
    3. Clinical Details tab: Ensure the consult date is correct, and select the services provided. The form will show more fields to complete dependant on the services that have been selected. Note: Please tick the Patient is COVID-19 positive box as appropriate, as some services are provided for patients who are not COVID-19 positive. This is important for reporting.
  7. Submit the claim when complete

Note: Claims cannot be edited once submitted.
Email support@healthhb.co.nz for assistance.


To view submitted forms and check the payment status, go to the Reports menu and choose the Claim Status report.

How to get help

Email our team at support@healthhb.co.nz for help with:

  • editing submitted claims
  • information about the form
  • claim status
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