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Skin Cancer: Halcyon Excision and Claiming Form FAQ

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Q: Who is able to assign access for providers and admin?

A: This will be handled by Health Hawkes Bay, should your permission requirements change, please contact skinlesions@healthhb.co.nz


Q: How long is the triage process expected to take?

A: Please allow an average of two weeks for the triage process.


Q: I had 2 Lesions to excise, but have only excised the second- how do I ensure I get paid the base rate instead of the additional rate?

A: When completing the excision details for the additional lesion, you will see a drop-down box labelled ‘Procedure Type’. Select ‘Primary Excision’ from this list, this will not change the name of the form but will be seen on the HealthHB end and change the payment type attached to the lesion. 


Q: My patient has DNA’d their excision appointment, what do I do?

A: DNA’s are based on clinician discretion and Practice policy. The Halcyon form does have an option available to close the programme and receive payment for your time by stating the procedure is no longer required and selecting ‘DNA’ as the reason. Please note, if you do this, and the patient represents, you will need to complete the referral process again.

You are able to rebook your patient if this is appropriate but please note, we will be unable to provide funding for the DNA’d appointment.


Q: Histology has come back, and I need to excise a wider margin, do I need to complete a new referral form with pictures included?

A: Yes, you will need to complete a new referral including photos of:

  1. Excision scar
  2. Location and skin surrounding excision scar


Q: Do I need to include final histology when I submit the claim for payment?

A: Yes, please do not submit the claim forms prior to receiving histology. You will have the ability to complete what you can of the form at the time of excision and park it in Halcyon until you are ready to submit.


Q: I can only enter one measurement in the size section of the forms, do I need to provide the dimensions?

A: Yes, please enter the entire dimension in the ‘Relevant Information’ section of the form. We are working on a solution to this.


Q: The form asks for me to enter ‘margin taken’ what does this refer to?

A: This is referring to the margin you have excised.


**If you have any queries or concerns regarding these forms, please contact skinlesions@healthhb.co.nz who will pass your message on to the appropriate team member.


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