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Halcyon Quick Start Guide – Medtech32

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Halcyon can be accessed either through advanced forms, or the toolbar icon.

Find the programme form either in Current Programmes or Other Options. To view hidden forms, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Show all options.

Forms will be hidden if the patient doesn’t meet the programme criteria, or the form is not required. For example, a form to register a patient onto a programme will be hidden if they are already registered.

To open the form, click on the link next to the programme name, complete the form fields and click Submit claim.

When the claim has been submitted, a summary of the form is saved to the patient inbox.

If the claim is accepted, an invoice will pop up, just click ok to save the invoice and close the window.

To view completed forms or a list of all parked forms, go to the Reports menu.

To close the Halcyon window, click OK.

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