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Skin Cancer: Halcyon Referral Form FAQ

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Q: Who is able to assign access for providers and admin?

A: This will be handled by Health Hawkes Bay, should your permission requirements change, please contact skinlesions@healthhb.co.nz


Q: How long is the triage process expected to take?

A: Please allow an average of two weeks for the triage process.


Q: How will I know when my Referral has been triaged and what the outcome is?

A: Triage outcomes will be sent to your provider inbox once triage is complete.

  • If you have referred to another provider, you will be notified of the outcome and where the referral has been sent.
  • If an excision has been assigned to you by our HealthHB Skin Admin, you will be notified once the lesion has been triaged and is ready for excision. Further details of the lesion can be found in the Excision form in the Halcyon Portal.


Q: How many Lesions can I include in each referral?

A: You can include up to 2 lesions per referral. Once you have completed the initial referral page for the first lesion, simply select ‘additional lesion’ and supply the required details. Both lesions will be included in the triage outcome and excision form (if applicable).


Q: My patient has multiple (more than 2) Lesions to be excised, can I include this in a single referral?

A: No, you will only be able to refer for a total number of 2 lesions per form. For any additional lesions, a new referral will need to be made. You can have multiple referrals active simultaneously.


Q: Will I be able to view my submitted referral and excision claim forms?

A: The referrer will have a copy of the Referral Summary, which is sent to the patient’s inbox when the referral is submitted. The referral and any claims attached to it should be viewable to the permitted referrer, provider and administrator within Halcyon.


Q: If Skin Lesion numbers are no longer required, how will I be able to identify the image I have taken?

A: Some providers may still find the lesion number stickers useful, particularly for the ruler. Please feel free to continue to use these.


Q: How many photos can I add for each Lesion?

A: There is no limit to the number of photos you can attach, however, you are required to attach a minimum of two images.


**If you have any queries or concerns regarding these forms, please contact skinlesions@healthhb.co.nz who will pass your message on to the appropriate team member.



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