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Making multiple claims during a consult

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When a service requires multiple claims during one consult, it can seem onerous to complete two or more forms.

The video below shows how to quickly complete 2 forms for CPO Acute Care.
In this example we are claiming for a nurse consult, and IV materials for the same referral.

Since the referral has already been completed, the link to the claim form is on the Current Programmes tab, this is the case for most of the scenarios where multiple claims are necessary.
The notes have already been written in the consultation notes, and are pulled through to the form as required.

Demonstration video

Note: There is no sound in the video – this is intentional.

Referrals and claims

When using this method to make a claim immediately after making a referral, you may notice that the claim form doesn’t appear on the Current Programmes page.

After clicking Home, on the Current Programmes tab, right click and choose Refresh.

In some cases, the link may not appear, please close the window, and reopen.

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