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Halcyon Quick Start Guide – Remittance Advice Access Online

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Remittance Advice Access Online

Capitation and Clinical Programme remittances (BCTIs) can be accessed from a new secure file storage section of Halcyon, using a web-login for nominated Admin users through an internet browser.

  • Users will be sent their web-login details via email, passwords will be sent separately.
  • Please protect your login information, and don’t share logins with others.
  • Contact Health HB if your practice needs other users to have access.

Accessing the remittance advice page

  • Go to https://hhbportal.karo.nz/
  • Login with the details sent via email
  • In the top right of the window click the Admin menu
  • Choose Remittance Advice

View Remittances

  • In the Remittance Advice screen
  • Choose the Remittance Advice Date from the list
  • Click the Load Remittance Advice button to view the files for the month
  • To download a single document: click the Download file link next to the filename
  • To download all files for the month: click the Download All Files These files will be downloaded in a compressed Zip file.

Remittance file names

The remittance advice file names correspond to the type of remittance advice:

  • CAPB: Capitation (PDF)
  • AHCAPB: After Hours Capitation Deduction (PDF)
  • CPB: Clinical Programmes (PDF)
  • CPC: Clinical Programmes (CSV/spreadsheet)

Need help?

No admin menu? Ask the practice manager to contact accounts@healthhb.co.nz to nominate you as an Admin user. Please provide your email address, full name, role and contact number.

No remittance advice documents? If remittance files haven’t been released for your organisation, you will see a message “No remittance advice is available for this organisation”. If you think there should be files available please let us know.

Health Hawke’s Bay knowledgebase: Support articles and these instructions are available on our website – check out the knowledgebase at https://healthhb.co.nz/support

For more support: email us at accounts@healthhb.co.nz

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